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Web Development by Fleetwood Computers

We are excited to announce our partnership with a Web Developer who has outstanding capabilities.  She alone created our website from scratch using the most advanced and widely used Web Development software, WordPress.  Once everything was finalized, she handed over full control of the website and portal of WordPress to us so that we could manage our own website.  At first it appeared like a lot to learn but after 30 minutes of browsing through the Portal, it appeared to be the most simplest User Interface we’eve ever seen and are able to create our own content, perform our own updates, etc.  We are sharing this because we want to offer you a total Website overhaul.  Remember that Google modified their Search Engine to bypass websites that are not mobile friendly and since most people use their mobile devices to search for information, your website is not getting seen at all.  Our Partner designs all websites in a Mobile friendly version that looks equally amazing at the real website from a normal computer.  It does appear different but that’s part of the Mobile friendly experience.  we will soon be uploading some websites designed by our Partner so that you can see what all she can do.  The most important part that you get out of this is that she can design a $10,000 website for a fraction of the price.  Pricing is based on how many pages you want your website to have.  Contact us today to find out much your new website will cost.  We know you will not only be amazing with the price but also with the website and ease of use to manage your website.  You no longer need to pay to have your own Web Developer because we live in an era that just about anyone can manage a website once it’s built.  It doesn’t end here, we will continue to aid you if you ever need assistance or need to revisit and revise your website and if you are a company that requires continual modifications, we have several packages that you can choose from to maintain your website so you have nothing to worry about other than sending us the information you need modified.  Stop missing out on new business leads and get back on top of the search results!  Simply visit out “Contact Us” page and fill out the form and be sure to mention Web Development.