Every business network has a mixture of various servers and desktop computers.  Maintenance of these devices are a continuous task in order to keep the network in good standing.  Servers contain vast amounts of private company data along with ensuring that your employees have secure access to the resources that they need to perform their duties.  Fleetwood Computers LLC will both proactively and reactively support all servers and desktop computers to ensure the uninterrupted operations of your business.  We will harden these devices to prevent malicious intent and configure them in a way that proves efficient and effective.

Server/Desktop Management & Monitoring

We install a series of tools and configurations that allow us to remotely manage and monitor your server(s) so that we can enhance your Server up-time.  We have the knowledge and experience to manage all versions of Windows Server Operating Systems.  We conduct routine maintenance on your servers to keep them running smoothly while reducing the  percentage of possible failure.  This routine maintenance also includes off-hour backups and updates to keep your server recoverable and protected.

Our same tools and configurations apply to your desktop computers as well.  We have the ability to remotely kill processes, reboot/shutdown your computers, take remote control of your computers to address issues, track them via GPS location services, and many many more features.

Server Virtualization

Virtualization is an emerging technology that many businesses are getting accustomed to.  This technology requires an additional level of knowledge and experience that we pride ourselves on having.  Server virtualization allows for faster remediation of issues, enhanced security, less down-time, easier recovery, and ultimately a better computing experience for anyone accessing your network.  Server virtualization also reduces cost expenditures due to the fact that your server can be hosted in the cloud thus eliminating the need for a physical server in your network.

Cloud Computing

We are partnering with an advanced technology based firm in which we will be bringing you a new way of designing your internal network.  We are very excited about this opportunity as we feel this will drive costs down and scalability up.  This type of computing performs all of your traditional in-house technologies in the cloud.  Computing that takes your server, firewall, content filtering, and internet security to the cloud.  If you are ready to drive down costs, increase your network up-time, and expand scalability then give us a call.