OS X Keyboard Shortcuts

These Mac OS X shortcuts have saved me so much time over the years and I wanted to share them with all of you in hopes you can find them just as useful.

Cut, Copy, Paste, Undo, & Redo
* Use Cmd + X to cut (text, pictures, music, and more)
* Use Cmd + C to copy (text, pictures, music, and more)
* Use Cmd + V to paste (text, pictures, music, and more)
* Use Cmd + Z to undo an action
* Use Cmd + Shift + Z to redo an actionMinimizing Windows
* To minimize an active window without closing it, press Cmd + M on your keyboard.Quitting Applications
* In order to quit an application completely, press Cmd + Q on your keyboard.

Closing an Active Window
* If you don’t want to completely quit an application but just close the current active window, press Cmd + W on your keyboard.

Opening a New Tab
* To open a new tab, press Cmd + T on your keyboard.

Application Switching
* By pressing Cmd + Tab, a window containing all open applications will appear. While keeping the command key pressed down, press the tab key repeatedly to browse between the applications and when the right one is selected, release the keys and the application will appear in front of the others.

Opening Spotlight Search
* Spotlight search is the place to go to search all files and applications on your Mac. Access this by pressing Cmd + Space bar on your keyboard.

Force Quit Applications
* Every once in a while an application may choose not to respond and you might have to force it to close if the normal way of quitting it results in no response. For that, bring up the Force Quit dialog box by hitting Cmd + Option + Esc on your keyboard.

Find Words and Phrases
* To locate a specific word or phrase on a webpage or document, hit Cmd + F on your keyboard to launch the in-app search bar.

Accessing the Shut Down, Sleep, and Restart Dialog
* Press Control + Eject on your keyboard to open the dialog box that allows you to shut down, put to sleep, or restart your Mac.

Taking a Screenshot
* Press Cmd + Shift + 3 to capture the current screen as a picture to the Clipboard

Show/Hide the Dock
* Press Cmd + Option + D to show or hide the Dock.

Saving a Document
* Press Cmd + S to save a document.

Opening a Document
* Press Cmd + O to open a document.

Printing a Document
* Press Cmd + P to print a document.

Selecting all text in a document or page
* Press Cmd + A to select all data/information.