Every business has an internal network that provides resources to their employees in order to conduct operations.  The network is the most valuable asset and thus requires near 100% up-time amongst an enhanced security configuration to keep unauthorized eyes from seeing private company information.  Fleetwood Computers LLC provides network services to ensure that the company network adheres to the CIA (Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability)  Framework.  We use industry standards to not only meet minimum requirements but also take it one step further by performing a series of tasks that ensure these minimum requirements withhold specific risks that are specific to your company.

Network Security

Our approach to Network Security is one that uses industry best practices and standards.  We use a Defense In Depth model which means we protect your network at several layers to make it harder for intrusions to occur.  We start by securing the internal network from the outside and then work our way in while making the network still available to your employees.

Remote Sites/Employees

In securing your network, we allow for configurations that include secured VPN Tunnels so that you can still communicate with remote sites and employees.  This means that you have an encrypted tunnel that no one else can see.  This allows you to extend your internal network to your coverage areas so that employees have the resources they need.


VPN Tunnels

We have the products, solutions, and knowledge to configure your computer devices wherever they go.  We can manage Laptops, Tablets, and even Smart Phones.  We pull everything together and route them back to the internal network using the secure VPN Tunnel that we set up for you.  This reduces complexity and further secures the network from intrusion.

Wireless Networks

Our approach to Wireless Networking is one that our industry leading Partners recommend.  Whether you want to upgrade or implement a new wireless network, we will conduct extensive testing to ensure that your needs are being met while allowing for future growth.  We build and manage wireless networks that range from simple home office to corporate wireless networks.  All of our Wireless Access Points are E-Rate Fundable for Schools.  Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!  Call or Email today and let us give you a free assessment.  

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Penetration Tests / Network Audits

Penetration Tests and Network Audits are like changing the oil in your car.  It’s a crucial maintenance task required for your network to remain safe/secure and efficient.  Working off of the CIA Triad, we perform a series of tests and audits that ensure your network and data is kept Confidential, has Integrity, and is Available when your employees or clients need it.  We can take these tests and audits one step further by mitigating any holes or weaknesses that we find.