We have partnered with the best in the industry for Mobile Device Management. With a simple app installation we have complete insight to your mobile device. Whether it be to remote lock or wipe of your device when it’s lost or stolen or simply telling you where your device is via GPS, you can rest assured we have your back. We now offer repair of all Apple products including iPad’s, iPhone’s, and iPod’s.

Remote Management

Let us help secure your mobile device. We can track devices via GPS and let you know where your device is at all times. Better yet, we can give you access to your own personalized portal that allows you to see where your devices are.

This is great for parents wishing to keep an eye on their kids or simply for those who can’t seem to remember where they place their devices. We can take it a step further and remotely lock or wipe your device to protect your personal information if you determine it has been stolen.

Mobile Device Repair

We’ve all dropped our smartphone or tablet only to realize the screen has been shattered leaving a cobweb-like display. We can restore your device to a like-new state with our mobile device repair service. For a fraction of the cost of a new device, a simple screen replacement is definitely the more cost effective solution.  We can also repair the power button, home button, or volume buttons if they somehow got pressed inside of your phone.  If your Smart Phone or Tablet isn’t holding the charge that it used to we can replace the battery and restore your device to a like new state with a full charge again.

Mobile Device Restrictions

We can now set “restrictions” on Mobile Devices to protect children from getting to explicit content. This alleviates the need for the parent to check the phone and make sure their child is using the phone as they should be. We can also track their installed Apps and control what Apps they can install based on Age Restrictions. It’s really great for busy parents or parents who do not know how.