What Anti-Virus software do you use?

We like to use Malwarebytes and Vipre Antivirus as our primary Anti-Virus removal tools. We believe they are the best we have seen and come in both free and paid versions. We offer both products for resell and will monitor your computer’s security 24/7 with these products.  Using Vipre Antivirus as our Managed Anti-Virus service is one of our most popular services.  For a small fee each month we will monitor your computer 24/7 and remove any threats in real time meaning that we are alerted the second your computer gets infected and we begin working to remove the threat keeping your personal files protected.

Do you support Mobile Devices?

Absolutely.  Some of our Clients say this is one of our specialties!  We use Mobile Device Management applications that allow us to have complete control of your Mobile Devices.  This includes iPads, iPhones, iPods, Android Phones and Tablets, and Windows 8 Phones and Devices.  Using our Mobile Device Management applications we have the ability to track devices via GPS, block apps and content based on age specific ratings such as G or PG, disable the use of the camera, automatically connect to a school WiFi, and most importantly push apps to these devices without user intervention meaning that the user doesn’t have to enter a password to install the app.

Do you provide Managed Computer Services?

We are a Managed Service Provider (MSP).  We offer fully managed computer services meaning that we will take over your entire network and manage every aspect of it for you so that you don’t have to worry about staffing anyone to take care of it.  We become an extension of your staff and in some cases will even go as far as keeping one of our Technicians or Engineers on-site if this is what you want.  This has been proven to greatly reduce costs for schools and businesses of all sizes.  With Technology quickly taking over so many schools and businesses, its crucial to have someone keeping your school or business current with latest and greatest.  We are constantly training, attending classes, getting certifications and looking for new solutions to better serve our Clients.  We will never stop trying to enhance the services that we offer and believe that change is crucial to growing.  Head on over to our Managed Services page to learn more about specific services that we offer.