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BBB A+ Accreditation

We wanted to share with you that upon our celebration of 4 years in Business on 9/1/2011, we also found out our Better Business Bureau Accreditation got bumped up from an A- to an A+ which is rare for business that have only been established for four years.  Normally it takes 7 years of exemplary service without complaints and contribution to the community.  Therefore, we could not have asked for a better gift than receiving an A+ from the BBB!  For those of you who debate on whether or not to acquire a BBB Accreditation, definitely consider it.  It not only has provided us with several leads that pays for the cost of the Accreditation each year but it also establishes stability, trust and loyalty to not only our clients but also our community.  Establishing a BBB Accreditation leaves a track record of your company that shows potential customers how well you treat your clients, how important they are to you, and that you are dedicated to your community by leaving a positive impact on it.  I say this because of the BBB core standards which can easily be found on their website.  Not all customers will refer to the BBB before they conduct business with you but a lot will and if you don’t have an accreditation then customers may wonder why and look for another company who does have a BBB accreditation.   You don’t have to have an A+ to gain customers because as a young company, customers realize that it takes time to receive an A+ so establish an accreditation early and let it built up.