Backups and Disaster Recovery is the most crucial aspect of every business.  A simple computer/server crash can cripple any business thus making the overall risk of failing much higher.  We have one of the most aggressive backup and disaster recovery approaches on the market.  Our methods are not only the most secure in the industry but are also the most proven.  Using a hybrid backup and disaster recovery approach, we guarantee your data will never be lost.  Our methods also ensure the least amount of downtime for your business in the even of a natural disaster.  Read more in the following sections to see just how we can make these promises.

Using the most successful BDR partners in America, our backups are not only stored locally at your place of business but they are also uploaded to 1 of 2 data centers on opposite sides of America.  This is what we call redundancy such that your data is backed up and replicated across several geographical locations.  We use the local backups for the quickest restore and can spin up a virtual machine of any device that is backed up in the event that the server/computer having issues becomes inoperable.  With the ability to spin up a virtual machine we can get your business back up and running in less than 15 minutes.

Our backups use the most secure encryption standards available to deliver your data to the data centers.  This means that your data is kept private at all times.  We can even go as far as encrypting your backups on-site such that in order to restore your lost data, an engineer will need to enter a passkey in order to access and restore the data.  We use image based backups meaning that you have the ability to perform a full restore much faster than your average methods, restore individual files, verify images were successfully backed up with screenshot verification, ability for Bare Metal Restores (BMR), boot virtual machines, and run remote offices.