Couple with Laptops sitting back to back on the beach

Keeping Your Electronic Devices Safe Throughout the Summer

Summertime is great, but sometimes the heat can get the best of us—especially our electronics. It is completely normal to forget yo ur phone and/or other electronic devices in the car as you venture from place to place throughout the summer, and it is also common to leave them on the deck as you take a refreshing dip in the pool.  You may also enjoy working outside in the sun with Laptop and phone by your side sitting in the sun. But what you may not realize is that a scorching 100° day can mean the worst for your gadgets.

Your vehicle can easily exceed 160° F when left out in the sun while not in use, which surpasses the standard operating range for any electronic (between 32° and 95° F). Even the iPhone, which can operate up to 115° F, experiences technological discomfort under such conditions and will alert its user with a red warning flash across its screen. If disregarded, it will undergo a complete shut down until circumstances normalize, meaning it cools down to a temperature that allows it to turn back on. Read more