Wiping your devices

Erasing your personal information from old Mobile Devices and Computers

What do you do with your old Smart Phones and Computers? In a study by TechHive, they purchased 13 Smart Phones to see if they could recover any personal data from them. 5 of the 13 phones still had all of the data on them. This includes pictures, phone calls and messages. All of the items that you would never want anyone to have. The question we are going to answer is how to securely wipe all of your personal data from your Smart Phones and Computers.


Level of expertise required to perform these steps: Beginner

Apple devices make it very easy to erase your personal information however you must follow a few specific instructions to ensure your personal information is removed from the device. The following instructions were taken directly from Apple’s website.

Before you sell or give away your iOS device, make sure that you’ve removed all of your personal information. Follow these steps to protect your data and get your device to its factory default state for the new owner: Read more