iOS 8 is here!

Restore an iPhone after iOS8 update

We were so optimistic about the iOS8 update, but unfortunately, there were major glitches.  This article on CNET explains how to restore your iPhone after you’ve already updated to the iOS8 operating system. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns whatsoever and we can help walk you through the process.

iOS 8 is here!

iOS8 is here!

iOS8 is here!  We think this is the greatest upgrade yet released by Apple for iOS.  There have been numerous updates for the Apps that we all love so much.  Our goal is to not only brief you on some of these upgrades but show you a few tips and tricks to get the most out of your iOS8 upgrade.

Let’s begin with the install of iOS8.  To install iOS8, you must edit the “Settings” on your iPhone or iPad and then click on “General.”  Now look for “Software Update” and tap it.  You will see iOS 8.0 listed with the size, which for many is 1.1 GB.  This is a very large upgrade and most of you will most likely need to free up some space.  In order to actually install the upgrade, your iPhone or iPad will need about 5.5 GB of free space available.  Don’t worry though; once you free up space on your iPhone or iPad, you can reload all of your pictures, music, and apps again.

To clean up space without removing some of these items, you can try and delete some of the temp files by tapping on “Usage” and then tapping on the Apps that you don’t need.  This won’t delete the app but it will delete the temp files and thus free up a great deal of space.

Once you have the required space available, you will now see the “Download and Install” button, which you now can tap on to perform the upgrade.  Select “Agree” and it will proceed to download and install the upgrade.  It will take about 1 hour to complete so we recommend plugging your iPhone or iPad in to the charger and staying connected to a Wi-Fi network. Read more